Hörreste/Sehreste – Homage to Paul Celan

3 channel video and installation

Hörreste/Sehreste: Homage to Paul Celan is an experiment in expanded poetry that adapts and translates a poem by Paul Celan from his collection Lichtzwang, into an inter/multimedia context. It records pianist Evgeny Ukhanov playing an accurate rendition of a series of complex musical compositions in the air. The installation involves a looped 3 channel video accompanied by a keyboard set in the middle of the room playing the Polka of the Bear.

First commissioned by Exploit, Milan, May 2015

In the context of Exploit, Illimine contributed to the book edited by Giorgio De Finis, Fabio Benincasa and Andrea Facchi: Exploit: Come Rovesciare il Mondo dell’Arte, Bordeaux Edizioni.

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