Exhibited Works

Forthcoming in 2018

Portrait #3 – durational multimedia writing performance/installation and artist residence, MACRO (Rome, Italy, December 2018)

A Narrow Road to the Deep North – durational writing performance (22km) on the Moreland Upfield Path, MoreArt Festival (Melbourne, Australia, November 2018)


Odyssey #2 – Black Sea – performance writing and installation for Melbourne Writers Festival, (August 2018)

Collected Odysseys – exhibition, Counihan Gallery, Brunswick (Melbourne, Australia).


Odyssey #1 – participatory performance (two days), Face to Face Contemporary Art Festival, 7th Edition (Montefiascone, Italy)

Portrait #2 – Durational performance (3 days),  Performance Arcade International Festival, (Wellington, NZ).

Museo Diffuso di Formello (Rome, Italy) – acquisition in permanent collection


A Crying Game – durational performance, Museo Diffuso di Formello, Sala Orsini (Rome, Italy)

Scarabocchi – exhibition with Valeria Montanino, Museo Diffuso di Formello (Rome, Italy)

La Luna al Popolo – collective exhibition, Torre dei Lambardi, Magione (Perugia, Italy)


Contemplazioni/Contemplations – solo exhibition, Palazzo Lucarini Contemporary, Trevi (Perugia, Italy)

Exploit – collective exhibition (Milan, Italy)


Portrait #1 –durational performance and installation (3 days), MAAM, Museo dell’Altro e dell’Altrove, (Rome, Italy)


Voice/Presence/Absence – Curators of international conference, University of Technology Sydney (Australia)


A Perfect Language – performance, University of New South Wales, Sydney (Australia).


Posthumous Notes – Performance, Open Fields Festival, Sydney (Australia)


Bären Polka – public video installation, Digital Fringe, Melbourne (Australia)


Publications (excluding academic work):


Book Chapter: ‘Towards an articulation of gesture as durational performance writing, in Collected Odysseys, Bordeaux Edizioni, Rome (Mid 2018)


Major creative work (poetry): Brennerei, Le Loup des Steppes, Paris.


‘Arte, pratica, politica’, book chapter in EXPLOIT: come rovesciare il mondo ad arte, Giorgio de Finis, ed., Rome, Bordeaux Edizioni (


Ritratto #0/Portrait #0 , Nuova Prhomos Edizioni, Città di Castello. Portrait #0 is a book of poetic prose, based on a diary by Malcolm Angelucci.

Voice/Presence/Absence, Malcolm Angelucci and Chris Caines, eds., Sydney, UTS ePress. A multimedia ebook from the V/P/A international conference.

Selected catalogues and reviews:

MAAM, Museo dell’Altro e dell’Altrove, Giorgio de Finis, ed., Rome, Bordeaux Edizioni, 2017

La Luna al Popolo, Catalogue of the collective exhibition in Magione (PG, Italy), 2016

Forza tutt*, Giorgio de Finis, ed., Rome, Bordeaux Edizioni, 2015

In SteroType, May 2015

InsideArt, August 2016