Illimine is an international collective of multimedia artists, performers and academics, founded in 2013. Our aim is the practice of a transdisciplinary dialogue around gesture, duration, expanded poetry, narrative, and site-specific art.

Illimine is fluid and works as a concertina with smaller or larger clusters of artists, academics, and practitioners forming around particular themes. Our way of working is entirely non-hierarchical, with ownership of intellectual and artistic property shared between all contributors to the process of thinking/doing. Performers and project managers, directors of photography and babysitters, chefs and cooks, in their ever-changing roles, share the same importance. This on-going, daily practice is our ‘Art’ and the temporary results of this practice constitute our various performances, installations, public actions and objects.

© Romolo Belvedere, 2014

Illimine is:

Malcolm Angelucci, writer, performance artist and academic at the University of Melbourne, Australia

Chris Caines, interdisciplinary artist and academic at the University of Technology Sydney, Australia. Chris has been working internationally in a variety of digital and electronic media for over twenty years.

Piero Ferrante, artist, manager, art collector and former owner of the commercial Art Gallery GONDWANA, Rome, Italy. Piero organised the first two major exhibitions of Australian Aboriginal painters in Italy.

Majella Thomas,  performance artist based in Melbourne. Majella is one of the founders and creators of Illimine, and has participated in all its major projects.

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